Financial Literacy

document has been created that provides a series of suggested financial literacy activities related to Computer Studies. It is not written as a conventional lesson plan, but more as a guide for a Computer Studies teacher to draw upon when teaching basic programming concepts.

Since the Ontario Computer Studies curriculum has no expectations directly related to financial literacy, it was decided to look to financial literacy examples from other subject areas and adapt them to Computer Studies.

This document is intended to be a “living document” that can be expanded upon as time permits or needs require, with readers being encouraged to contribute ideas and provide feedback. It is public and viewable by everyone. Members of the ACSE mail list, however, have the additional ability to add comments if they wish to add suggestions or request clarifications. To do so, the member needs to be logged in with their Google account and would then highlight the text in question and choose “Insert > Comment” from the document menu. For those not on the ACSE mail list, they can fill in the form found at to provide their feedback.

A French version of the document (using expectations from the French curriculum) is available here.