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About Us

The Association for Computer Studies Education (ACSE) is a province-wide volunteer-run subject association dedicated to supporting Computer Studies and Computer Technology education in Ontario. Our mandate is to provide multi-faceted support for educators and students by:

  • providing a unified voice for Computer Studies and Computer Technology teachers;
  • improving information sharing across the secondary level;
  • facilitating dialogue with colleges and universities;
  • facilitating dialogue with business and industry;
  • creating new opportunities for teacher training; and
  • supporting the development of teaching resources.

ACSE supports teachers through the provision of conferences and on-line resources. ASCE also interacts with organizations such as the Ministry of Education and the Ontario College of Teachers on key issues such as:

  • teacher certification;
  • opportunities for in-service and upgrading;
  • administration;
  • resource allocation; and
  • the development of curriculum resources.

ACSE is a volunteer-run organization that draws its membership from Computer Studies and Computer Technology educators, encompassing elementary, high schools, colleges, and universities.

Free to Join – Here’s how…

Becoming a member of ACSE is free — just fill in this form and we will send you an invitation. Fees are charged for the annual conference only.

Note: Our old Google Site can be found here.