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Join us for the 20th annual ACSE 2020 Conference – Saturday, February 22nd, 2020.
This conference is the largest K-12 computing education conference in Ontario.

We our planning tracks across many topics including:

  • Teaching with Python / Java (including JavaFX)
  • CS Pedagogy – Cyber security, Ethics, Machine Learning, Equity/Diversity
  • Physical Computing in Computer Engineering and CS courses
  • Raspberry Pis and Microbits in the classroom

We are always looking for new vendors and and speakers.

If you are interesting in speaking at the conference tell us more and complete this Call for Speakers form before the December 1st deadline.

About Us

The Association for Computer Studies Education (ACSE) is a non-profit province-wide professional association dedicated to supporting Computer Studies and Computer Technology education in Ontario. Our mandate is to provide multi-faceted support for educators and students by:

  • providing a unified voice for Computer Studies and Computer Technology teachers;
  • improving information sharing across the secondary level;
  • facilitating dialogue with colleges and universities;
  • facilitating dialogue with business and industry;
  • creating new opportunities for teacher training; and
  • supporting the development of teaching resources.

ACSE supports teachers through the provision of conferences, summer institutes, and on-line resources. ASCE also interacts with organizations such as the Ministry of Education and the Ontario College of Teachers on key issues such as:

  • teacher certification;
  • opportunities for in-service and upgrading;
  • administration;
  • resource allocation; and
  • the development of curriculum resources.

ACSE is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that draws its membership from Computer Studies and Computer Technology educators, encompassing high schools, colleges, and universities.

Free to Join – Here is how…

Becoming a member of ACSE is free — just fill in this form and we will send you an invitation. Fees are charged for the annual conference only.

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